Are you Ready?

Lately I’ve been pensive, pondering God’s process of Preparation, specifically waiting. Here’s what I have been thinking… Because God is always working (everything out for our good)… I don’t believe that we’re really ever waiting on God. I believe He’s always waiting on us. Waiting for us to be fully prepared to receive His promises. […]


PLACE Here in this place, the evidence of the arrival of spring is here.  The brown branches are turning green and the blossoms are sprouting, although the last bit of winter still lingers in the wind. We are in a different place than were before, even though everything hasn’t become fully new. This crossing over […]


Ask…   The first thought that comes to mind when I think of or say the word Ask is…   Matthew 7:7 Ask…   Perhaps, it’s because I’ve been praying through this passage of scripture for years. Yes, years and years have passed in the midst of my Asking.   God encourages us to “Ask […]


HOW… How God manifests long awaited dreams and persevered through promises, is up to Him.   There was a time, not so long ago, that I fretted and worried about How He would provide, manifest promises, and deliver on the dreams that He implanted in my heart. God’s process left me twisted, in every way. […]

I Believe…

I Believe… 31 Days To Live Free… My definition of living free is John 10:10. Jesus came so that we could, by choosing Him, live life in abundance. This intentional living is experienced spiritually, mentally, and physically. Living out these spiritual disciplines has not been easy. Some of them have been far more difficult to […]