Are you Ready?

Lately I’ve been pensive, pondering God’s process of Preparation, specifically waiting.

Here’s what I have been thinking…

Because God is always working (everything out for our good)…

I don’t believe that we’re really ever waiting on God. I believe He’s always waiting on us. Waiting for us to be fully prepared to receive His promises.

Timing is God’s greatest teacher and it’s our greatest test. He is building trust in our trials.

His process of preparation allows us to be positioned (Isaiah 60:22) in the right place at the right time. Ready to Receive what He has long-awaited to give us.

He has given us a measurement of Faith ( Roman’s 12:3). God develops what He has already established, our faith. What we receive (faith) is what we will need, to fulfill what He has already designed, destiny.

Here’s why we are not really waiting, at least not passively:

  1. Faith is a verb, not a noun. It’s not stagnant, it’s always active, forward believing, thinking, and moving.
  2. Prayer is active. It activates what we believe.
  3. Even when we’re standing on God’s Word, our faith is still moving.

So, we are never really waiting on God. He is waiting on us to be prepared to receive what He has already destined, the fulfillment of His purpose for our lives.

Are you ready?

p.s. If this message has blessed you share it. If empowered you consider sowing a seed.



Purpose Prevails


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