Head ShotBecause God has transformed Joan Taylor’s life, her deepest passion is to positively influence the lives of others.

Joan is a conflict resolution specialist and a domestic violence and sexual assault advocate. She is also an author, writer, biblical studies teacher, speaker, voice artist, and transformative life coach. She has been a life coach for over 25 years. 

She has authored Living on Purpose, a four-week biblical study that focuses on discovering your purpose, living out your calling, and reaching your divine destiny.  She’s also the author of Food For The Soul Inspirational Recipe Book & Journal, The Veil of Silence a love story book series based upon a true story, as well as Living on Purpose and Hope Abounds biblical studies. 

Joan has a huge heart and lives a life that is dedicated to leading people to wellness, by encouraging, empowering, and enriching their lives to be everything God has created them to be. Her life is replete with testimonies. She stands in the fullness of God’s grace and His transformative power. As a survivor of domestic violence, she knows what it means to endure and persevere through unsurmountable fear, unimaginable pain, and near death brutality.

God has taken her from fear to audacious faith, from unworthiness to the knowledge and acceptance of His unconditional love, and from brokenness to being made whole. Her life is a journey of reckless faith in the relentless pursuit of God.

Joan’s authenticity, vulnerability, transparency, and personal experiences connect her intimately with her audience and have molded her into a cherished and effective author, writer, teacher, speaker and transformative life coach. She speaks deeply into the hearts of people to live courageously above and beyond the confines of fear, shame, despair, hopelessness, and worthlessness. She speaks, teaches, and coaches people from a mirrored perspective to look within and see their inner self as God does.

With many more biblical studies and books in the cauldron, her desire is to leave an indelible imprint on the world, all for God’s glory. Joan is a foodist and she enjoys preparing delicious culinary delights for family and friends. She appreciates strong coffee and all things chocolate. She is an empty nester and the mother of two young adults that reside in the Midwest and the Northeast. Joan lives in southern Florida with her lovable fur babies Roux and Arabella.