The MOMENT when I…

The MOMENT when I…


FMF Prompt: MOMENT Five Minute Friday


31 Days to Live Free: Day 26


The timer has been set for 5 minutes, let’s go.


The moment when I began to live free…


Moments of time lead to milestones of transformation and freedom.


The Moment when I let go of my need to understand everything, is moment I began to lean in and trust God.


The Moment when I let go of my desire to control every aspect of my life, is that moment that I discovered how to live with confident assurance in God’s fidelity.


The Moment when I discovered the power of surrendering, my whole life to God, is that moment I when I experienced freedom.


The Moment when I began to speak my truth, stepping outside the shadows of shame, is the Moment when I discovered that vulnerability is my greatest strength, not my weakness.


The Moment when I let go of my misaligned time constraints, is the Moment when I began to trust that God’s timing is pure perfection. He is not early, nor is He late, He’s right on time.




Now it’s your turn…


Q: The Moment when I…



  1. I love how you describe those life-changing moments! One of my special moments was the first time I really felt God’s love- not just knew about it in my head but actually felt it in my heart for the first time and knew that it was for me!

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  2. I hope to experience all these moments you’ve described! One that was significant for me was the moment I realized that no matter what happened in a situation it would be OK because God was in control. Thanks for sharing this Joan! Cindy

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    1. I believe you will experience amazing moments with God that will leave you in awestruck wonder. I can relate to the experience of knowing that no matter what, all things will work together for our good. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your heart, Cindy!


  3. The moment when I realized I was doing it all praying, fasting, reading the word of god, going to church, sowing a seed, a good mother, sister, aunt, friend, wife, lover, counselor. I realized TWO things: 1. I forgot to say thank you JESUS and 2. Do I really REALLY believe that all I ask of the father will be done. When I realized that I began to see much clearer and breathe must better. Amen.

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