Here in this place, the evidence of the arrival of spring is here.  The brown branches are turning green and the blossoms are sprouting, although the last bit of winter still lingers in the wind.

We are in a different place than were before, even though everything hasn’t become fully new.

This crossing over happens every time when we’re in transition, from the bountiful harvest of winter, to place where all things become new again.

But what happens when we’ve grown weary and tired of the place where we’ve been planted. When we believe that this place of preparation has yielded its fullness, and we’re more than ready to receive the manifestation of all that God has promised. When we have anticipated those things that are well rooted in our hearts.

You know those things that we’ve prayed through year, after year, we’ve held on to hope.

You know those things that we’ve been expecting for A. Very. Long. Long. Time.

Waiting is not passive, it’s proactive when you wait in faith. And it seems as though God is almost always late, but the truth is that He’s right on time.

So, in the fullness of time, I lean in, even more than before, to trust.

Trusting God, because He’s faithful, He never fails.

Q: We’re all planted somewhere, what place are you planted in?

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