Five Minute Friday: Possibility

I am working on establishing a brand new mindset in alignment with this new chapter of my life, where every possibility aligned with the will of God for me becomes inevitable. So with intentionality I lean into the promises of God, because they begin with YES and they end with Amen.

Possibility needs an anchor and the anchor is God’s faithfulness.

We live in a world full of uncertainties, not knowing what the next moment will bring. I need assurance. And only God provides that certainty. He demonstrates that nothing is impossible for Him. He has sown us that He will take a possibility and make it an inevitably in our lives.

The past is not a healthy place to dwell in, but it is a great place to look back upon and remember God’s faithfulness. Take hold of what God did for you then and apply it to everything that you’re trusting Him to do now.

Between every Possibility and Inevitability is Hope, Faith, and Trust in God’s Faithfulness.

Q: What are you believing God for now?

Q: What promises of God are you leaning into?

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Blessings, Peace, Love ❤


All things are Possible


  1. Of God I have but one request,
    and it’s really short,
    that I might still do my best,
    and not let death abort
    this calling and this ministry
    that I have lately found,
    this pointing to Eternity
    and not worms underground,
    for in dying I am learning
    that Heaven’s always near,
    and we see it in our turning
    to faith in Him, from fear,
    and so I hope it suits His plan
    to reach as many as I can.

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