Your No and God’s YES

I wonder how many times has my No not allowed me to see God’s YES?

The answer is countless.

Whenever we look at the difficulties, trials, and God’s unfinished business in our lives from our own vantage point, we end up believing and then seeing that our prayers go unanswered, God’s promises unfulfilled, and our lives appear to be undone.

I believe that every time we choose to see anything but God’s YES, it’s because we’ve already said No to the truth of what He has already done.

In order to see God’s YES we must choose to see what God sees. We must look at our lives from His vantage point, from behind the scenes, the heavenly perspective, through His lens.

What does this mean practically?

We must work to develop the spiritual skill set to see everything in our lives as though it’s already done, because it is. We achieve this by praying God’s promises and His word back to Him. Isaiah 55:11

If you’ve been believing, praying, and waiting for your healing, see yourself healed.

If years have gone by and you’ve prayed, fasted, trusted, and waited for God’s promises, see yourself living in the manifested promises.

If you’re in need of deliverance, restoration, redemption, believe and trust God, and then see whatever you’re praying for as already done.

Again I say, God’s answers to our prayers and His promises for our lives have already been completed. 1 John 5:15

It’s just a matter of how He has answered and when the appointed time will arrive here on earth for the delivery.

And this truth requires our readiness to receive what He has already done.

Are you ready?

If we’re unable to believe we will not see it.

And we can’t see it, how will we receive it?

God told Abraham, ” I have made you the father of many nations”. Abraham’s preparation was walk forward towards the promise, because the manifestation already happened. This was his journey of faith. As it was true for him, so it’s true for you. Romans 4:16-17

Abraham’s journey wasn’t perfect, neither is ours.

There are numerous life stories in the bible of people who waited a very long time for their promises to come to fruition. No matter how long it took, there were victories, because God is faithful.

God isn’t looking for perfection, He requires perseverance.

God’s blessings and the answers to our prayers almost always come wrapped differently and arrive at a vastly different timeframe, far what we’re expecting. This is the process that establishes trust and builds faith.

We conclude that God is late, but He is not. Our impatience with His timing and our dissatisfaction with His plan (what He has allowed to come in to our lives) causes us to lean all the way in to our feelings which is fed by our flesh and our lack of understanding, instead of leaning upon Him. These conclusions that we draw demonstrate marginal faith and narrow trust.

This one life that we’ve been given is not one of perfection, but one of perseverance. That being said, I’ve chosen to waiver less and trust more. I’ve chosen to see what God sees.

What do you choose to see?


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