The first thought that comes to mind when I think of or say the word Ask is…


Matthew 7:7 Ask…


Perhaps, it’s because I’ve been praying through this passage of scripture for years. Yes, years and years have passed in the midst of my Asking.


God encourages us to “Ask and keep on Asking and it will be given to us”. He goes on to empower us to believe that “everyone who keeps on Asking receives”. Further along in this promised passage, He encourages us again that what we’re Asking for, specifically, is what we will receive.

So, let’s Ask specifically.

I see a few things that stand between Asking and Receiving God’s manifested promises, our answered prayers.


Belief: God is faithful and will come through for you.

Trust: In His process until the manifestation.

Perseverance: Is the pay-off beyond the pain of your journey.

Timing: How and when God answers is up to Him.

Believe Big. Ask Big. Receive Big.


Asking Big requires believing and seeing God’s greatness, beyond your own comprehension.


Ask: The greatest challenges to praying through Matthew 7:7 are your ability to believe and trust God. Believing that God is great and He will manifest grand and great things in and through you, as well as your ability to Trust His process, especially His Timing.


What are you Asking for?

Share your journey from Asking to Receiving?

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