It’s that wonderful day of the week when I join other word artisans from around the globe to write for five minutes flat. Today’s Word is COMMIT I Commit to take better care of myself. Self-care is so much more than a spa day once a month, a night out with good friends, or […]

I Believe…

I Believe… 31 Days To Live Free… My definition of living free is John 10:10. Jesus came so that we could, by choosing Him, live life in abundance. This intentional living is experienced spiritually, mentally, and physically. Living out these spiritual disciplines has not been easy. Some of them have been far more difficult to […]


Taking an honest look within, delving deep into the recesses of your heart… What are you Afraid of? Are you Afraid of asking God for big and great things, the things that seem to be  impenetrable to change and impossible to solve? I remember a time when my prayers were minimal, because my heart had […]


STORY Happy Fall! It’s October. Welcome to 31 Days of Five Minute Fridays Free Writes   My Theme: 31 Days of Living Free   We’re sharing our hearts, because it’s our journey. We’ve ditched the editing. For me, 31 days of free writing is not about perfection, it’s about perseverance and freedom.   Day 1: […]