The Power of NO

It’s that wonderful day of the week when I join other word artisans from around the globe to write for five minutes flat.

Today’s Word is COMMIT

I Commit to take better care of myself. Self-care is so much more than a spa day once a month, a night out with good friends, or a mani/pedi. Self-care must encompass intentionality to set healthy boundaries to protect our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Self-care requires that we say No to people and things that are detrimental to our sustainable peace and joy. God’s promises of joy, peace, and hope are not automatic, but they’re always available. Sometimes in order for us to experience sustainable joy and peace we must remove the people and things that are stealing it.

I Commit to sustainable Peace and Joy.

The life of discipleship requires that we intentionally dedicate ourselves to honoring God, and in service to others we will advance His kingdom. In order to serve others fully, we must first Commit to take care of ourselves. Self-care is a Commitment to the betterment of ourselves. It’s not selfish or self-centered. Self-care is Self-love.

I Commit to Self-love.

The perfect will of God will not invade or override the free will He has given to us. God gives us the freedom and the the wisdom to make right choices. And right choices lead to right living, and then we are aligned with His will. We have been given the ability to choose and Commit to living according to God’s will.

I Commit to live a Purpose Driven life.

Q: What do you Commit to do just for you?


  1. There is no point now in trying
    to find some self-care for me;
    I have cancer, I am dying,
    and service is my victory.
    Everything must now be spent
    regardless of the fearful cost,
    with a smile and good intent,
    not betraying all is lost.
    There was a time I thought I’d earned
    a place (honoured?) at the feast,
    but time went on and I have learned
    that I don’t matter in the least
    save the things that I might do
    to make a better world for you.

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  2. I commit to singing and laughing, doing a dance, even when my emotions want to burst forth in complaint instead of delight, rage instead of compassion, and all the rest. I commit to thanking my way through every moment of trial and hardship. Thank you for the primer on self care and self love! Blessings! Your FMF neighbor #33

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