Share Your Truth…

Day 5: Share

Share your Truth.


God will turn our pain in to our Purpose, that’s His promise to us. He doesn’t waste a thing. There’s so much joy in knowing that everything that He does is for our good, and His greater glory. Genesis 50:20

Sharing opens the doors for transformation.


When we Share, God transforms our trauma in to our testimony.

Shame is the keeper of tumultuous lies and secrets housed within. Fear fosters the secrecy. Reticence breeds the shame. And from shameful place we lived veiled in silence.


When we Share our truths shame is destroyed.


Shame is a glass ceiling. When we share the secret things that we’ve held on to, those self-destructive, and those secrets that have imprisoned our hearts…


When we Share shame is shattered.


When we share distance becomes community, the gap becomes our circle of oneness, and the bridges that have sought to divide us become our pillars of unity and hope.


When we Share the walls come down.


When we open our hearts to share we discover that we’re far more alike than different.


Share your Truth.

Join us Five Minute Friday

Q: How has sharing your truth become your testimony?

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