Taking an honest look within, delving deep into the recesses of your heart…

What are you Afraid of?

Are you Afraid of asking God for big and great things, the things that seem to be  impenetrable to change and impossible to solve?

I remember a time when my prayers were minimal, because my heart had been scarred by the trials I endured. My belief of and in God was flawed. Therefore, my perception was skewed. My view of God’s plan, His process, was focused only on the pain and not the preparation. I saw God as finite, limited, and far more natural than supernatural.

Many years ago, this is what I wrote about where I was, and how I viewed God…

Gravity exist between the God of broken humility and the God of abundant prosperity. This dichotomy happens when brokenness has been so hard, so heavy, and it has taken you so low for so long, that asking God for His Glory to shine, His Greatness to prevail, and His abundant prosperous blessings, feels like a contradiction of your soul. Gravity’s elixir is Grace and Glory!

After experiencing a spiritual cardia ablation, I began to see truth. Fear of being disappointed by God was removed from my heart. And as a result, my prayers changed. I no longer prayed as though I was in bondage.

God is Good, and everything that he does permeates from Love, because he is love.

God is a not a being, His is Being. Everything about him is infinite, not limited, lacking, or less than.

God does not create tragedy, but He allows it through His permissive will (I have discovered comfort in this truth). Pain and painful circumstances produces purpose. His purpose prevails.

I am no longer Afraid of asking God for His Greater Glory to shine and His Greatness to prevail, in every area of my life.

Because I am no longer Afraid of asking, I am living free. 

Matthew 7: 7- 11 Ask and keep on Asking. Seek and keep on Seeking. Knock and keep on knocking. 

What are you Afraid of?

Are you Afraid of being disappointed by God?







  1. I struggle with not believing that God can answer my prayers but that I’m worthy of them being answered. I know it’s not the way I am to be but it’s the battle I’m fighting at this time. I so appreciate your encouragement here. I look forward to reading more throughout the month! Cindy

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    1. I understand where you are, because I was once there. I appreciate your transparency. I am grateful that the meaningful words and wisdom given to me through the Holy Spirit, are a blessing to you. Abundant Blessings Joan


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