In Transition…



Fall has arrived. Full stop.

The only thing that’s still standing in the fullness of flips flops, sunscreen, bikinis and summer, here, in southwest Louisiana, is the climate.


It’s lingering on in the 90’s with a flight to the finish line.

I am counting the days.

Store shelves are clad with fall wreaths. Clothing stores are full of fall fragrant candles, pumpkin and ginger spice. Conversations are buzzing in the grocery store lines, “I am ready for a change, the sweltering waves on the pavement heat has run its course. It’s finished”.


I see the signs of change. The evidence of this new season is everywhere, despite the mercury.


We are in transition from what was, into what is, now.


We’re marching right out of what has been a very, very difficult season for many people. There was an Exodus of people that fulfilled their purpose and are now seated in the most glorious place. Earthly missions were completed. Jobs well done, good and faithful servants.




In order to be transformed by God we must walk through the journey, In Transition. And many times this process is painful. We must clean up everything in our lives so that we’re prepared for the NEW.


Pain produces purpose.


God called the Israelites to leave Egypt and transition through the wilderness into the Promised Land.


We all have an Egypt.


The old generation passed away in the place of transition. They did not see the new land. But it was the NEW breed of Israelites, with Joshua and Caleb at the helm that inherited the promise.


We all have a Promised Land.


The Israelites traded streams and rivers in the wilderness, for the destination where milk and honey flowed.


Look at your surroundings. God is speaking to you from various places, if you have eyes of faith to see. He’s confirming the season you’re in.


From my garden God speaks.


He reveals volumes of wisdom and knowledge.


Here’s this season’s revelation…

Almost every plant, flower, and herb in my garden folded down, withered up, shed its leaves, and bore its fruit. The ground was littered with brown leaves. Their life cycle was finished.


My farmer friend Jody said, “It’s Time…Time for tomatoes and everything else to go. They yielded to the season”. And with that she dug up roots, pulled up plants, and saved seeds for the next season. Jody and her husband, along with my cousin, went to work. The herb station was moved to place where the sun shines, and new herbs went into new beautiful pots, blue, green, and turquoise, with a pop of purple. The fruit went into the ground. The beautiful summer garden with three rows of tomatoes that my cousin created was overhauled.


From Transition through to Transformation…


Now, I have ten rows filled with new plants and new seeds went into the ground, and the seedlings are budding.


Shades of green are everywhere.


It’s Time for the Harvest.


Looking at your surroundings, with eyes of faith, what’s God revealing to you about your season?

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