The Danger of Self-Righteousness


Although today is Monday, every Friday I join an amazing group of word artisans from around the world. We gather together and write for five minutes flat, without editing, prompted by one Word.

Today’s Word: Danger

The continuum of danger that engulfs us here in the western world leaves me heartbroken, time and time again.

Danger is not a new phenomena. David wrote about the dangerous perils he faced. His enemies were many, always in constant pursuit of his life. So, danger has always been ever present in this world. The weaponry of choice has changed from spears and swords and daggers, to guns, weapons of mass destruction known as AR15 assault rifles.

The tools of evil have changed, but the root cause remains the same: hatred, racism, bigotry, etc…

In the bible the danger of self righteousness was ever present then and it is ever present now. The only thing that has changed are the names of the perpetrators and the weapons that are used. Some of the most dangerous and evil people in the bible were Jezebel, Haman, King Ahab, King Herod, Nebuchadnezzar, Pharaoh of Egypt, and many more.

Who are the most dangerous people now, is it us, those of us who wave the banner of Christianity while cherrypicking those we deem as worthy enough to be our brothers and sisters keepers?

Who are the most dangerous adversaries today, is it us, those who believe that our own rights supersede the safety of others?

As a society I believe we are in a coma. We don’t live like the hands of feet of Christ when we are so self-righteous that we are anesthetized to gun violence and lack empathy for the countless children and adults that have been murdered in lieu of our own freedom and liberties.

When we are challenged in our surrendered-obedience to God, we will not be compliant to the laws here on earth.

As citizens of the United States of America, we are so self-righteous in our freedom and liberties that we are justifiably blinded to our own sins. We rationalize everything for our own good and our own individual gains, from the minutia to the vastly important. And the rational-lies we have told ourselves long enough have become our own truths.

I was born in 1964, a time when danger lurked in the form of cowardly cloaked hooded men. A time when lynching and the noose was the preferred weapon of choice. This country had to be forced by law to do the right thing then, to stop discriminating against, and stop the segregation of black people because of the color of their skin, not the content of their character. And as a society we will have to be forced to do the right thing again, ban AR15 assault rifles because a weapon created for war does not belong readily available on the streets, and in the hands of any American citizen. No right or freedom can justify this.

And I believe that if we feel so self-righteous in our rights and freedoms that the AR15 rifle should not be banned then I believe we should ask the parents of the Sandy Hook, Parkland, Uvalde, the families of the Jewish synagogue massacre, the families of the Baptist church massacre, the Buffalo supermarket massacre, and Ahmad Albury’s mom. How do they feel? What do they want? This is a just a short list of the massacres that have been etched in the horrible history of this country.

I am certain that when we get to heaven God will not ask us whether we were a democrat or a republican, whether we were to the far left or to the far right in our political belief system.

The question is not what would Jesus do, but what would we do as the hands of feet Christ?

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  1. We, believers, are self righteous. Our attitudes are founded on; “I’m saved, you ain’t, I’m better than you.”
    The true church is a hospital, shelter, counseling center, a place of safety not judgment. I’ve seen people, in church, who think; “if you look right, dress right and smell right, then you’re alright.” The devil can do all of that. Don’t be fooled.
    These massacres are the result of sin. The abyss has been opened and the demons are freely roaming, the church has been caught unawares. The demons are roaming freely and they are using guns to fulfill their purpose. Guns, cars, knives, hammers, baseball bats, etc. are tools, they can do no harm or good without someone controlling them. They are incapable of turning themselves on or off. It’s the human who is evil not the tool. I agree with regulating gun sales but not gun ownership.

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    1. Yes. Church hurt is real. Many people have turned away from God because they believed that the church was a safe space. I agree. The church should be a safe haven, not a platform of hateful, harmful, and hurtful judgment. Thanks for stopping by and sharing what’s on your heart.


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