Joan Taylor Ministries Update

Happy Spring to all

As kingdom builders and partners with Joan Taylor Ministries it’s my heartfelt prayer that this correspondence finds you well and hopeful for all the work we are doing to advance the kingdom of God.

Let’s continue to march forward and despite the global atrocities that we’re all witnessing, may we continue to be the light of Christ, steadfast with hope and perseverance.

Ministry Update: For the past several months I have been life coaching women in need of my services as a transformative life coach. These women are not in a financially stable position to afford the reduced costs of the services. I have continued to work with them, because its imperative to always be the hands and feet of Christ to those in need.

I have seen significant progress and healing in their lives.

Our partners are currently raising funds to continue the work that I have been doing. Additionally, as a writer and published author of Food For The Soul, Living on Purpose, The Veil of Silence, and Hope I have been without a computer since last year. My old laptop served me well and served its time. So, our partners are raising funds for a laptop as well.

I am planning to expand our life coaching services to reach more women in need by apply for grant funding.

Every penny counts.

Would you please consider sowing a seed to help us to continue to life coach women in need…

Seeds can be sown here…

Sow A Seed Into This Ministry

Thank you for helping us to continue making an indelible difference in the world.

Abundant Blessings and Love,

Joan Taylor

Joan Taylor Ministries

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