Does God Move Fast?

Although today is Monday, every Friday I join an amazing group of word artisans from around the world. We gather together and write for five minutes flat, without editing, prompted by one Word.

Today’s Word: Fast

God’s timing is His greatest teaching tool and it is mankind’s greatest test.

I’ve journeyed through many seasons of preparation. Most of which felt like a caterpillar on a cross country journey, not fast at all, yet clearly meaningful and purpose driven.

I believe that it has taken me up until now, only in this new chapter of my life, where the Holy Spirit is tearing down unhealthy strongholds (that I chose to establish during my tenure in the wilderness), to have a glimpse of understanding and whole lot of appreciation for the fact that God doesn’t move fast, because He moves intentionally.

So what does God’s intentionality look like in our lives?

Perhaps, it looks something like…

  • Our character and maturity have been developed specifically to equip us for our missions in life. Jesus’ preparation process was 33 years. Before Joseph was released from prison and became second in command over all of Egypt, his stint of incarceration (preparation process) would last 15 plus years. Not fast at all, according to our human conception of time. Genesis 41: 41-46

I would not want to receive the right thing at the wrong time, meaning I was unprepared to handle the responsibilities that have been entrusted to me.

  • God grows our faith and trust in Him through our trials. We cannot help people who are hurting and going through difficulties unless we’ve walked through trials. And this is called preparation. Abraham became a man of great faith, even though he and Sarah took matters into their own hands. Because the longevity of his journey was not about perfection it was about preparation to receive the promises of God and to become the father of nations. God grew Abraham’s faith through trials and the waiting period, clearly 25 years is not fast at all, right? Genesis 17
  • Sometimes the answers to our prayers are not fast because our motives are not pure. Our focus should be on influence over affluence. James 4:3

The world promotes swiftness. The faster that we can achieve something the better, whether it be microwaving or 5G technology. But is the faster way always the better way? I believe the answer is not always yes, not if we want God’s best for our lives.

  • The manifestation creates a greater outcome, our testimonies. Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the dead was a miracle for the ages, and still today we are awestruck in wonder to believe for manifestations and miracles in our own lives. John 11: 1-45
  • As human beings we are not inherently humble . God will not be glorified in our self-righteousness. We learn to be humble like Christ by picking our own crosses and carrying them through our own suffering. Luke 9:23
  • Our relationship with God is about total dependency, not self-sufficiency. We must to learn to appreciate all of God’s glorious blessings and stick close to him so that we don’t take all that we have been blessed with for granted. And this curriculum takes time to learn, it does not come fast at all. If we could bring down our own blessings, manifest our own miracles, and produce our own promises we would not need God, we would be our own gods, small g. Isaiah 45:5

The fast approach to receiving God’s promises, our answered prayers, and our heart’s desires is not always best for us.

Does God move fast in your life, or does it appear as though He is almost always late, but right on time?

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