On Fridays a group of amazing word artisans from all over the world come together to write for five minutes prompted by one word, unscripted and unedited.

Five Minute Fridays:

Five Minute Fridays: BECOME

The choice to Become who God created us to be is ours…

Are we willing to walk through and work out our own Becoming?
Everything we need to Become who God destined us to be is already on the inside of us.
So, why is it that many of us choose to just dream instead of Become?
Lack of self-worth…
People in your life have told you that you would never amount to anything…
Too late in life to Become…
We don’t believe in ourselves…
Beyond repair…
In order to Become we must reframe challenges as opportunities, trials as teaching tools to be triumphant, and everything that appears to be negative as something positive that has propelled us to fulfill every dream on the inside of us.
Trials are challenging and many times are not joyful, but it’s who we Become in the difficulties of life that produces a wellspring of joy for us, and everyone we are called to reach, touch, and inspire.


Q: Are you willing to Become everything God created you to be?

Beautiful Blessings,


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