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On Fridays a group of amazing word artisans from all over the world come together to write for five minutes prompted by one word, unscripted and unedited. So, although today is Tuesday, I writing with Five Minute Friday anyway. I am working towards being consistent and timely with my blog posts.

Friday’s Word: Root

Well rooted trees produce the greatest yield of fruit. So it’s true for us as vessels of the King, Jesus.

Every season provides us with opportunity to grow and establish our roots and thrive if we choose to do so. Sometimes our roots will be planted in places with people for many seasons and there will be many opportunities for growth. There will be other seasons when we lay down our roots temporarily, and then we move onward to the next place of planting, cultivating, and growing. Either way, in every season and with every destination we can choose to plant, grow, nourish, and flourish.

The most difficult and challenging seasons of our lives produce the greatest harvest.

It’s been quite awhile since I gardened. I learned to grow on the fertile land of my ancestors in Loreauville, Louisiana. This was a place of transition and transplantation and preparation. It was there where I cared for my mom and my aunt until God called them home. It was there where I put my hands in the cold dark soil along with the crawfish and planted seeds that took root. There were many lessons learned in this place. The garden became my oasis of peace and tranquility in the midst of the hardships as a caregiver. The garden was also the place where I would receive incredible revelation from the Holy Spirit.

Here’s just a few of the lessons I learned about the power of our obedience and resilience in the hard seasons of life where the greatest wisdom takes root.

May these messages that I received be well received in your spirit today and may they cause your hope to rise.

I have prayed for many, many years that people in the world would see God’s glory in me, through my everyday encounters, as well as in the work of my hands as a writer, author, speaker, teacher, and transformative life coach.

I remember the day I received this message. I had just finished breaking okra…Because of your obedience, preparation, and perseverance you are now so well rooted that your roots have become your outer later, so when people see you they will see the glory of God.

You’ve sown so many seeds in the place of preparation and confinement and constriction that your roots have no where else to grow and go other up and out. You’re in a season of transition.

Blessings are going to arise for you from parts unknown, unfamiliar, and unexpected places. And because you’ve planted and sown so many seeds, your seeds have been carried, your seeds have flight, your seeds have flown in the wind.

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p.s. If this message has encouraged you share it with a friend. If this message has blessed your soul would you consider sowing a seed. I am currently life coaching women who are in need of my transformative coaching services, but are unable to afford the cost.

Blessings and Love,


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