It’s Time to Bloom

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Today’s Word: SPRING

Spring emerges from the restful seemingly dormant season of winter. And just like our sweaters, blankets and jackets, winter folds itself up to come again soon. Every season holds the promise of new things being birthed, but Spring is different. It bursts forward with long awaited hope and expectation, because winters are often long and harsh and dark. But it’s in the darkest of seasons where our greatest growth takes. Just like the gardener who plants seeds in dark rich soil, who then waters the ground with living hope – Then faithfully awaits for what has been sown to reap a bountiful harvest.

God’s promises spring forth, beckoning our perspective to align with His, “But forget all that – it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?” Isaiah 43: 18-19

God is always working in our lives. He’s always making a way for us to spring forward not backwards in this world. He rescues us from ourselves, from other people and other things. And just like the Israelites journey, God’s rescue mission is one big redemption story, birthed out of love, all for His glory. God walks with us through every season. He’s never stagnant. He doesn’t stop showing up to protect, provide, and to direct and guide our steps.

And when we are intentional, living purposefully daily, putting Him first, as He works we will always grow.

In Isaiah 43 before God tells us that new and greater things are going to spring forth in our lives, He tells us how much we are valued and how we will never be left by the waysides of life to perish. He uses the Red Sea experience as a guide post and then tells us to forget about it, because nothing will compare to what He is doing right now. God tells to see what is springing forth and then He asks us if we can see it. Many times difficult seasons that linger long and hard have a way of clouding our perspective, rendering us blinded to what God is doing now, new, and next. Time and timing is God’s greatest teaching tool and it is our greatest test. Believing for what we cannot see requires deliberate intentional faith and trust every moment of every day while we are proactively waiting for God’s outcome to be manifested, the springing forth of a new season that changes everything. I can testify that after many years of preparation in the wilderness with God my ability to see beyond the familiar arduous terrain has not been easy at all. Honestly, time has worn me down. My elixir to elevating myself out of the place of weariness and despair is to express gratitude for the past and the present, to praise God for everything that He has done, and to continuously remind myself of what God has delivered me from, and what He has brought me through.

I believe the Red Sea is reminder for all of us. Look back on everything that God has delivered us from and apply that faithful perspective to what we need God to do right now. So, instead of choosing to worry wondering if and when God will show up in our lives once again, let’s choose the Red Sea as our constant reminder.

It’s your time and it’s your turn to reap a bountiful harvest.

What do you need God to do for you right now?

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p.s. If this message has encouraged you share it with a friend. If this message has blessed your soul would you consider sowing a seed. I am currently life coaching women who are in need of my help, but are unable to afford the cost of the services. Read more about our fundraiser here: https://joantaylor.org/2022/03/16/joan-taylor-ministries-update/

Blessings and Love,



  1. Thanks Joan – I am student of God is a forward moving God – He is not looking at our past – He is concerned about our future. The word said old things hav past away and before us all things are brand new, new mercies, new wine skins. I am expecting God’s glory at every turn and intersection of my life.

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    1. Yes, indeed. God is always moving forward. It’s important to plant the Word of God so deeply into our hearts that we’re expecting God’s glory at every turn and intersection of our lives. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your words of wisdom.

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