Traveling Light

Pardon my tardiness. Although today is Wednesday, every Friday I join an amazing group of word artisans from around the world. We gather together and write for five minutes flat, prompted by one Word.

Today’s word is: Carry

I am thriving to travel light, to carry only the essentials, living the abundant life.

With everything that’s going on in the world globally and what we are experiencing personally, does the abundant life seem elusive and unattainable?

Have you ever stopped to think that we carry too much, that perhaps we try to carry what we were never intended to bear? And because we’re carrying too much we don’t have enough room for all the good stuff, the essentials: peace, joy, hope, courage, self worth, validation, value, and love…

More and more every day I am unpacking Jesus’ promise and gift that we can have life in abundance, not abundantly burdened, if we are willing to choose wisely. John 10:10

With this right choice we will travel light, not bogged down, carrying the weight of our personal trials and weight of the world, in hopeless despair.

Every moment of every day we are faced with choices. These choices will carry consequences or they will produce rewards. My heart’s desire is to choose the latter.

I think about what I want to carry through life when I think about traveling by air. Will I choose to pack light and smart, maximizing interchangeable outfits, taking travel sized products instead of lugging the full bottles? Will I take one carry-on plus my handbag, and check in only one or two suitcases weighing under 50 lbs (providing that you choose Southwest)?

As believers we can walk through this life and carry only the essentials.

As disciples we have a choice and we have a Savior.

Jesus carried the heaviest burdens, our weighted sins, so that we would choose to carry little and travel light.

What will you choose to carry?

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p.s. If this message has encouraged you share it with a friend. If this message has blessed your soul would you consider sowing a seed. I am currently life coaching women who are in need of my help, but are unable to afford the cost of the services. Every penny counts.

Blessings and Love,



  1. Traveling light appeals to me more and more these days. I’ve always been a “pack rat,” holding on to material things because of sentiment or fear of waste. Now I am learning to purge my possessions and am actually beginning to enjoy it. Reading your reflection today, I also realize that I have been carrying old hurts, guilt and shame. I keep it in an emotional backpack that really weighs me down. This Lenten season is time for me to lighten this load. Thank you for sharing your reflection! Sending much love and prayers. 🙏🏼

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