The Power of Self talk

Destructive or Productive

I have approached 2022 with a far greater awareness of how I am speaking to myself, and the consequential thoughts I choose to entertain.

Our speech and thoughts are rooted in our belief systems: what we really believe in the core of our being, our spirit.

The Bible spells it out clearly… the power, benefits and consequences of our speech: “The power of life and death is in the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21) So, what we say to ourselves and to others is a true reflection of what we believe and who we are, our character.

The greatest enemy that we face is not Satan, it’s ourselves. Jesus already sealed Satan’s fate, and this is His declaration: It. Is. Finished (John 19: 28-30). Full Stop.

Our Self Talk will either destroy our dreams or be a tool used to produce our purpose. It will either be discouraging or uplifting, demeaning or redeeming.

Negative Self Talk will never produce positive results.

Our Self Talk has great power and we need to align it with the only truth that is sustainable, the Word of God.

Old mindsets will not grant us access into new seasons.

If we’re expecting to enter a new chapter of life this year let’s be aware and intentional about what we are saying to ourselves. Let’s choose to Renew our mind by planting the Word of God so deep in the recesses of our hearts that it will dominate our belief system and it will change what we say and what we think.

Change the Narrative ( what we are saying to/about ourselves) Change the Mindset.

What’s your Self Talk?

How will you change your narrative?

If this message has blessed you share it with a friend. If this message has empowered you to live better for Christ consider sowing a seed into this ministry.

In His Service,

Joan Taylor


  1. “The greatest enemy that we face is not Satan , it’s ourselves” wow such a powerful statement. It shines an eye opening light on self accountability. Proverbs 18:21 reinforces this by reminding us of our power to choose prosperity or pain with our words. John 19: 28-30 was also a great mention that makes us aware that the battle was already fought and won therefore there’s no need to mentally fight ourselves with depression, negative self talk and anxiety. This helps me to transition to a positive mindset with grace, patience, faith and self love. I love how Joan makes it aware that thoughts are truly the foundation to our life. This passage gives me the confidence to think with love and self worth so it can in turn reflect the same in my life. In closing, the word of God in which I plant deep into my heart is Proverbs 3:5-6. With God and Joan’s great mentorship my goal is to increase faith, decrease anxiety and in return shift my mindset and life. ❤️


    1. Your writing is beautiful, Jamesa. The depth of Your wisdom is profound. I am grateful that God has sent you to me. You’re destined for greatness and I am an eyewitness to your progress. Your God-given purpose prevails. I am so very proud of you. ❤


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