Achievement Redefined

Purpose Prevails

Five Minute Friday: Achieve

I have been pensive, thinking about the correlation between our mental health and wellness, and our achievements.

Our Identity is not defined by what we Achieve.

What we achieve does not determine who we are, at the core of our being, our spirit.

Achievements are beneficial tools in our lives. However, when they become the bench marks of our worth, value, and validation, this belief system becomes detrimental to our mental health and wellness. When we find ourselves chasing after the next good thing to achieve, this insatiable search will always leave us feeling empty.

Because sustainable fulfillment (worth, value, validation) is only found in God.

We were created by God, for God’s purpose, to be in relationship with God.

Pursue God and purpose will follow.

Pursue God and we will discover who we are and everything that we need. This is purposeful living.

Where there is God-given purpose there is sustainable fulfillment.

Q: What are your thoughts on achievements, worth, value, and validation?



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