I am so very grateful to be blessed with breathe and life today. Here’s my mantra for 2022 and beyond…

Every day is Better. Every day I am better. Every day I am experiencing miracles. I am worthy and deserving of God’s best in every area of my life. This is my barometer. I will accept nothing less. Every day I am becoming the very best version of myself. I am making a great and positive difference in the world, serving others, leaving an indelible imprint, all for God’s glory.

Last year was very challenging, globally and personally. People around the world suffered great losses and moved forward through trauma after trauma. On a personal note, God called my mom and my aunt home less than two months apart. I was their caregiver for six years. And I also persevered through the greatest level of hatred that I have ever experienced in my lifetime. This hatred superseded my violently abusive marriage by leaps and bounds. What made it so horrific was that it came from within my own family.


What I learned from this experience was that peace, internally and externally, has no price tag. It’s priceless. There are so many negative external things that are out of our control. But what we can control, we must. So, I created boundaries: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I have control over my inner circle and who and what I will allow in. No more hateful, hurtful, and harmful words from my family.

Don’t give negatively a platform and it will not stand on the stage of your life. Don’t give negative words a listening ear. When we choose not to listen to negativity its poisonous power will not take root in our hearts and it will not establish a place in our lives.


I’ve served every toxic negative person and thing an eviction notice.

What were the greatest life lessons you learned in 2021?

P.S. If this message empowered you share it with a friend. If this message blessed your soul consider sowing a seed here on joantaylor.org.



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