Happy New Year!

We’re nearly half way through the first month of 2022. We are believing and asking God for new and better things this year. The questions we should be asking ourselves is…

Do we have room to receive new and better things? Are we prepared and positioned?

It’s a great time to take an assessment of our lives.

We declare that we want more and better, but are we grateful for everything that we already have? Gratitude should be an essential element of our character, because when we express thankfulness for what we have received we will receive more.

Let’s keep what is working well in our lives and work towards making it better. And let’s purge everything that is not: Mindsets. People. Things.

Are we willing to purge what and whom is creating the clutter?

We want to be Free to be our Best, yet we continue to Choose less than God’s best for our lives. We create the clutter. We accept the consequences. We allow destructive thought patterns, people, and things to take up residence in our hearts and in our lives.

We make Resolutions, but they are not Sustainable. Instead, let’s create a more Sustainable Life System with Achievable Outcomes.

  1. Resolve to be Better every day.
  2. Resolve to work towards being our best, every day.
  3. Have a mental and physical estate sale, because every destructive person, mindset, and thing you’ve been holding onto to is not worth keeping.
  4. Make a commitment to yourself to make beneficial choices in every area of your life. We’ve been given wisdom by God to make right choices, and right choices lead to right outcomes.
  5. Remember that you are Courageous. Your Courage, Discipline, and Consistency will Create the Change that you want to experience.
  6. Be patient and kind to yourself. Transformation is a process.
  7. We are all Becoming who we are created to be.

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In His Service



  1. In my opinion the highest form of self love is self accountability and discipline. “ We want to be Free to be our Best, yet we continue to Choose less than God’s best for our lives. We create the clutter. We accept the consequences.” This was gut wrenching to me because it’s really so simple but yet we make it complicated. I rebuke the spirit of laziness, lack and regret. I thank God that things nor people defined me so in knowing this I’m free to let things come and go with intention, love and purpose. I thank God in advance for the courage and strength to be completely free. Amen 🙏🏽 ❤️. Also, I love the bullet points they would make wonderful daily affirmations.

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    1. Yes. Yes. Yes. We are all a work in progress. Praise the Lord that we are going in the right direction, becoming everything that God has created us to be. It’s true that these life concepts are so simple. When we are self aware we will be self accountable. Indeed, you are free, Jamesa. I will create daily affirmations from the bullet points. Thanks for the recommendation!


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