God’s call has taken me on many, many missions. I’ve lived off the grid, in the narrow margins. I left my corporate life of prosperity and comfort behind to become who God created me to be. I have served, sacrificed and honored Him without traditional reward or compensation. The YES of my obedience has been arduous, and the suffering has been long. This process has taken me to the depths of despair, depression, and hopelessness. There were countless times that I didn’t want to live anymore. The wilderness has been his place of preparation and character building for me.

Every experience has been purpose driven.

For the past seven years I resided in Loreauville, Louisiana. And for the past six years God’s mission for me was caregiver to my mom and my aunt. He called them home this year. I have been in an isolated place of healing and preparation for over two months. Albeit God’s place or redemption and restoration, it has been harrowing.

I am now emotionally and spiritually ready for my new life. I am an author of biblical studies and books. While in the wilderness I published four books, and I have many, many more to come. I am prepared to teach, preach, and utilize my voice, all for God’s glory. Yesterday, I wrote the lyrics to my first song, Freedom. I have been a domestic violence advocate for over 25 years. God saved me near death by the hands of my ex-husband.

In order for me to leave Louisiana and move forward to become everything that God has called me to be, I need your help. It’s my heartfelt prayer that you will please sow a seed into my ministry.

In His continued service.




  1. Dearest Joan,

    So sorry to hear of your mom and your aunt. I’m glad to hear you are emotionally and spiritually ready to share your voice and look forward to the books and your song Freedom. God is the path to our salvation and our walk towards peace in our heart.

    Looking forward to what’s next.

    All the best, Ria


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story and journey. God’s continued financial blessings for you. 🙏🏼🤗❤️


  3. Thanks for sharing some of your testimony and may God be with you as you spread the “Good News” and demonstrate why you have such faith. I look forward to acquiring your books.


  4. I, too, am on a road that is taking me through the valley. My experience with depression and hopelessness have been as deep into the depths of despair as anyone can venture and still come out, in my right mind and wanting to be everything God requires of my life. You are an inspiration to me and I am so blessed having you in my life. I’m glad you’re my cousin. 💕


    1. I believe that every trial prevails in purpose, when we choose to believe by faith and trust in God preparation process. I also believe that every tear shed and seed sown will reap a bountiful harvest in our lives, all for God’s glory. You will become everything that God has created you to be. You’re a gift and a blessing in my life, cousin.

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