COULD is Invitation, an Opportunity…

Could is the past tense of Can…

Could is the invitation that opens the doors to Opportunities, it’s the gateway to our blessings. Yet, when we choose not to accepts its invitation, it leads to regret. Regret looks backwards, it lives in the past, because it hasn’t accepted the grace and the forgiveness to live in the present.

Could is choice, it’s our free will that will either be followed by action or inaction.

I believe that every day that God gives us here on earth is a day filled with Opportunities, things that we could do to be the blessing to others, to be the light in this dark world, leaving an indelible imprint of Love.

How many times do we choose to see something and say nothing?

How many times do we see something, yet do nothing?

I could have, but I didn’t.

Could is an Opportunity…

Have you ever experienced this…You’re thinking of someone, you could have reached out to the person, but for whatever reason, you didn’t make the call, write the note, or send the text, and then something tragic happens and then the only thing you are left with is regret, I wish that I…

Could have, should have, would have, but didn’t…

Could have states that we are aware of the opportunity, but instead we offer up excuses.

Should have states that we are fully aware of the opportunities, but our response is neglect.

Would have realizes what we could have done, should have done, but just didn’t.

Life is far too precious to miss out on opportunities that are before us.

Life is far too fleeting to waste time in the land of regret.

Let us all take action, move forward, say something and do something about every Could opportunity that comes our way.

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  1. Joan, this is a powerful devotional. I experience this daily. The Holy Spirit guides me daily. Whenever I see a need or there is a person I need to call etc, I try not to delay to call them. It is usually very rewarding. I embrace each day hopeful and new.

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  2. I am always cautious of how I pray. FATHER GOD, I KNOW you know what I’m going through instead of saying help me Jesus, his name is Jesus but he also is my father. I was brought up to be respectable to my earthly father, now understanding my earthly father was only grooming me to love and respect my heavenly father. I said all of that to say,,,, Instead of saying I could because that word COULD makes me feel the need to make a decision. I could? I KNOW! That’s the difference, so I am with you all the way. Thank you Joan for this message, surely it has inspired me as always.

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