Progress is Perseverance

Progress is Perseverance

Progress is perseverance, because it always moves forward.

Progress doesn’t lose time, it gains speed through every small step of faith we take.

Most recently the Holy Spirit revealed the following to me: You haven’t lost time, you’ve gained speed.

Many times, if not all, the smallest steps lead to the greatest gain, because we’re stepping in the right direction, forward.

I’ve lost count, and most definitely lost patience with the barrage of commentary that proclaims, “when we get back to what was normal”. Two words stand out for me, glaringly, back and was.

Most importantly here’s why: We are not traveling backwards towards anything. God does not move backwards, and neither can we. And I don’t know about you, but I do not want to move backwards clinging to the past for anything that “was and has already transpired”. I want to move forward with God, embracing what is now, new, and everything that is different and better.

What has served us well has served its time. And everything that has not served us well is gone.

One of the greatest weapons of the enemy of our souls is dwelling in the past, especially when our thoughts are floundering on what was not helpful, healing, redemptive, or purpose driven. When we revisit memories that are not fond, they’re were not fruitful, exception when these experiences have taught us well. Everything that is not fruit bearing is not progress. And what is not of God, and it’s not for our betterment.

Why do we reflect backwards in time towards hurtful, traumatic, and harmful incidences?

  1.  Healing is needed. Healing is a process that progresses forward. It’s not an overnight elixir. When the process of healing has completed its course, reflection backwards will end. God closes the doors to these segments of our lives, and He throws away the keys. We are delivered, and these segments become the most glorious blessings to help others.  
  2. The extension of forgiveness (the course that is required) has not reached the fullness of time. When it does, the stench of the offense, and the hold that it has had on our mind, and the space that it has occupied in our hearts will be free.
  3. The past is Satan’s playground. If he can keep us there, we will continue to live in bondage, enslaved to bygone times that are really dead and gone, because Jesus already settled the score and set us free.
  4. We need to turn up our worship, praise, and declaration of the Word of God louder than our pain.

Progress is perseverance, onward. 

Right now, I am experiencing number 4, and I am working on number 5.

What’s happening in your corner of the world?


  1. Very nice caption of moving forward – the angel, messenger said to Lot and his family don’t look back at was lost
    Or destroyed. And He said in the New Testament scriptures let
    Go of the past and cling towards what is before you. A recipe for staying present while navigating forward with God

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, indeed. Paul teaches us to press onward towards the prize, and Habakkuk encourages us to write the vision so that one who reads it will continue to run on. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your wisdom.


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