The Power of Perspective

Even though today is Monday, welcome to Five Minute Friday. We gather together from all over the world to write for five minutes flat.


If ever there was a time where our Perspective was on full display, that time would be now.

Difficulty has a way of unveiling who we really are, the full measurement of our character.

And character isn’t developed in ease, it’s grown in hardship.

The foundation of Perspective is rooted in our belief system. What we believe dictates what we will see. The spectrum of our belief is determined by the measurement of our faith.

Perspective will either lead us forward, Living on Purpose, or it will keep us looking backwards, leaving us chained to the past, living a regret-filled life.

Are you Living on Purpose?

Or are you chained to your past?

What do you see?

In the midst of this pandemic do you see Devastation or Restoration?

Obstacles or Opportunities?

This time of uncertainty in the world provides probably one the greatest global opportunities to lean in all the way in, far greater than ever, to the only certainty in our lives, God.

It’s my hope and prayer that we’re leaning all the way in.


  1. I like your descriptions of perspective at the beginning of your blog and the challenge to lean into God in these difficult times. I’m a fellow FMF blogger, great to read your writing for the first time!

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  2. I am chained to yesterday
    and bound unto tomorrow;
    I would really rather stay
    where there’s no need to borrow
    the valour that I need this night,
    and for the days ahead,
    that I might rise to the light
    among the fallen dead.
    But this choice is not my own,
    it has been made for me
    by the One who’s always known
    my fell uncertainty,
    and who has with love prepared
    the courage that must now be shared.

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    1. So true, Marvia. Leaning all the way in to trusting God now more than ever. Thank you for stopping by my corner of the world. I will check out your corner too!


  3. My father use to tell me. Time waits for no one, it’s never late. Use your time wisely because you will never see August 13, 2020 4:55 p.m again. Every minute counts.

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