The Table tell the Stories…

Day 4: Table


Tables are story tellers, bearers of truths, holders of grief, keeps of laughter and lies…

What stories would your Table tell?

This table is almost three quarters of a century old. Like its cracks and indentations, it tells the stories of the descendants of the Louis’, Bastien’s, Deblanc’s…

This table has been the plate holder, food bearer, elbow resting spot, and the gathering space for so many souls. Generations and generations of souls have been seated here, many of which have gone on to the most glorious place.

This table has held many hot bowls of gumbo and red beans and rice. It has held my grandmother’s produce, her resting spot, and mine too. This table bears the works of our hands, from the garden to the table. It has been the spot for freshly baked rolls and cakes. Yeast has risen and set here. Feasts have been served and souls have been satisfied and tears have been shed.

This table bears the gravity of the happiest of times, laughter and joy, but it also bears the heaviness of grief.

So many stories have been told here. Family reunions, birthdays, most recent celebrations for the nonagenarians, the old and the young have sat here and broke bread here and opened hearts here.

This table tells our stories…

Every table tell stories…

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