I’ve always believed that every moment that we’re given in life should be embraced as precious, but sometimes I’ve found myself giving way to the noise. The pettiness takes precedent, I’ve paid attention to the things that have no significance at all, until something major happens and everything AFTER is shifted into its proper place.

AFTER is word that signifies that time and space is gone.

It was AFTER my mom’s Lewy Body Dementia diagnosis, and AFTER her neurologist wasn’t sure she would survive…that I realized on a much deeper level, that EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT is a gift and a blessing from God.

The time to show LOVE is now, not AFTER the people in our lives are gone.

LOVE is a verb, not a noun.  

The time honor people in our lives is now, not AFTER their address has changed to the most glorious place, heaven.

Although the mission of caring for my mom and my aunt has been one the most difficult missions from God, I know for certain that I have served Him well, and honored them now, not AFTER…

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