For me, there is no such thing as a balanced life. I create a plan, but God orchestrates my steps. Life is uncertain, we have no idea what will transpire in the next moment, much less a plan for tomorrow. As my Nanny aunt Dot frequently says, “tomorrow is not touched”.

I made a plan to write the second novelette in The Veil of Silence series, Deliverance. It was my plan that the shorty story would be completed around December of 2019. And then life happened. My mom’s health declined again. My plan was ditched, and God’s perfect will was implemented. Again, I made a plan to finish by Valentine’s Day. God’s plan was different and still perfect. My mom was diagnosed with a disease that ravishing her brain. She’s now in-home hospice. I am not trying to understand everything, but I am leaning into God’s plan with hope and joy, full of faith. Celebrating the moments now, knowing not what the plan for tomorrow brings.

We make a plan and then the script is revised. The plan is called life and the author’s name is God, and so much of what transpires doesn’t make sense. Yet, what does make sense and what provides comfort is that God is good.  He is kind and loving and faithful. And He makes good out of the most horrific tragedies.

I think about the people in Nashville who went to bed with a plan for their tomorrow. Yet, a tornado ripped through a fifty-mile swath of land and 24 people died in its wake. And what about Kobe and Gigi Bryant, and all the families on the helicopter that day, January 26th. They all had a plan to a play a game, yet God’s plan was eternity.  

So, I am invitING God into each plan, knowing that His plan is the very best.


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