Relief became Renewal

On Fridays I join an amazing group of scribes. We write for five minutes flat. So, here we go…

Many times we cry out to God for relief, to be removed from the circumstances and the trials that His loving hands have allowed. And then God’s answers come, not in the form of what we want, but with what we need.

In December I poured out my heart to God. I petitioned and pleaded for relief. I desperately needed time away. Time to breathe, detached from the day-to-day care I provide for the nonagenarians God has entrusted me to care for.

God answered my prayers. He gave me relief in the form of rest, not in the physical place I desired, but in the place where I was destined to be.

Most importantly, my cries for relief became a renewal of hope.

It takes whole lot of faith to ask God for something very specific, within earthly time constraints, in the middle of desperation, when you need relief. We run the risk of being disappointed in God if He chooses to answer differently, within His timeframe. And this is the place where disappointment becomes despair. Despair extends an invitation to depression, and then hopelessness sets in. This is where I was in December. I must say, it’s my darkness moments where I receive the most profound wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from God.

I came out of the place of darkness with this…

Hope is not deferred or denied, God’s answer is arriving on a different day. The best day, His perfect timing. Most importantly, my hope is not in the outcome, the promise, or the relief. My hope is in the Promise Keeper. God is faithful. He always delivers.

Isaiah 49:23 “Those who hope in me will not be disappointed”.

Q: What do you need relief from today?

Q: Is God renewing your hope in His faithfulness?


  1. I can’t expres the depth of my respect for you, for the caregiving you do.

    This is for you.

    Among us there walk royalty,
    though unseen to our eyes.
    They wear their crowns so lightly,
    aristocracy’s disguise.
    They’ve take it on as their own lot
    in caring for the least of these,
    the aged that our world forgot
    to offer loneliness’ surcease.
    They should fain be widely praised,
    and songs sung of their deeds
    of coming to the helpless’ aid,
    and meeting gentle needs.
    Far abroad, let names be told;
    for them were made the Streets of Gold.

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    1. Thank you for your expression of respect. Although I did not seek accolades when I gave my surrendered yes to God’s plan. It fills my heart with joy to receive words of encouragement for the mission I have accomplished. Clearly, it has been arduous, but the heavenly rewards are priceless. Thank you for stopping by and sharing the beautiful poem. Glorious Blessings to you, Andrew.

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