The Power of NO!

A well informed NO makes room for every Purpose Driven YES!

No matter what your 2019 was like, whether you tossed the whole year in the trash and set it ablaze, or because your year was showered with ease, you celebrated all year long…

Either way, each new year presents an opportunity for hopeful newness.

It seems to me that every new year produces a great amount of zeal, even if we had to hurl ourselves over the calendar of time, December 31, 2019 to January 1, 2020.

But what happens around about the second week in January?

Many times all of the zeal has fizzled out like a champagne bottle without a cork, left outside of the fridge for a few days, effervescent becomes flat and what was sips of celebratory refreshment, now lost its taste.

This is what I believe happens when we’ve said YES to a cauldron of things that we want to change, things that we believe are good, and good for us. We found ourselves saying YES to the church wide fast, in addition to too many 31 day challenges, book reads, throwing tires and dragging cars attached to chains at the gym…And let’s not forget trying every weight loss challenge known to mankind, Keto, IF, Gluten-free, Carbfree…

And then WW (Weight Watchers) becomes WTF, what the fudge did I say YES to!

Our zeal became overzealous…

Now we’re overcommitted.

Just because something appears to be good, doesn’t mean that it is for us.

Just because we’re good at something doesn’t mean it requires our YES.

Being good at and gifted in are two different things. God makes room for the things in our lives that we’re gifted in. Because the gifts come from Him, and they’re all Purpose Driven.

And what about timing. Sometimes we choose the right thing at the wrong time, even when we’re walking in the will of God. This has been the greatest challenge of my reckless faith, the timing of God.

One of our greatest challenges is…Most of us were raised to be self sufficient, and independent. However, the relationship with God is based upon total dependency. Reliance on self and dependance on Him is a dichotomy.

So, I believe the most important thing we should do before we draw up our grand plans, IS…

Invite God into our planning process. Allow His presence to infiltrate Every. Single. Thing. we do. A major corporation would not have a board meeting, casting the vision for the new decade without inviting the CEO to have a seat at the table.

So, how could we go wrong when we choose to allow God’s presence to dictate our plans. Seems to be that it would be a win win situation.

As we invite God into our planning process, let’s consider these four important wisdom based questions before we say YES!

  1. Is _________________ fruit bearing?
  2. Is __________________ God glorifying?
  3. Is ___________________ Purpose Driven?
  4. Is this the right time and season for ________________?

Have you begun your planning process, if so, what does it look like thus far?

Did you send God an invitation, if so, what was His response?

What are you anticipating that God will do in and through you in 2020?


  1. Joan this post was load – I have to
    Meditate on it a little more- but very very good place of contemplation as we forge forward in Christ- thank you

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  2. I am anticipating he will do what he said he will do in my life. The problem I have is timing. WAITING. Patience! Ughhhh. I believe only he knows my after while and my tomorrow, so it would be in my best interest to slow down and wait.
    With that being said, I understand if god says NO meaning he hear/see me praying to get breast implants and can see the surgery going bad or the outcome unsuccessful, he will make sure the insurance has a problem, I start having bigger breast all of a sudden.

    I HAVE BEGUN the planning process and its looking good for me. Some dedication and self motivation but I’m alive and okay.

    I always invite him into the room no matter where I am. I ask him to take a ride with me in the car, pick a seat if I am hosting or attending an event. I invite him into my soul.

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