Better Than Before

With every encounter, and experience in life, I will continue to leave people better than I found them.

I spent New Year’s with my daughter in Chicago. Every time I visit, I keep my mission simple, yet powerful. I leave her better than before, better than I found her. I deposit droplets of lasting significance. Rain drops of love, peace, and joy.

My flight from Chicago was by far, the worst turbulence I have ever experienced. The flight attendants were not able to hand out water. Yes, not even water. They, as well as all the passengers aboard flight 6377 had to remain seated for two hours and fifteen minutes. When we landed a passenger fainted. And the gentleman seated next to me said…”Wow, this flight was awful”. I agreed. And then I saw an opportunity. I said, “I knew we would land safely. I prayed and asked God for safe travels and He answered my prayers”.

Whenever I meet people, and especially when I travel, I reminded of this truth…Many people that we meet along this journey through life we many never see again, until we reach the other side, eternity.

So, Every. Single. Encounter. Matters greatly, because these encounters are not by chance. Every. Single. Encounter is opportunity to be the light and life, as we are the hands and feet of Jesus. These passing connections are forged by God. And they may only happen once in our earthly lifetime.

I try to make it count as valuable, priceless. I leave people with a slice of Christ, His love. I leave them with a word of empowerment, encouragement, joy, and peace.

I leave them with a lasting impression of the SAVIOR.

The concept is simple, yet its gravity is transformative.

Join us FMF community:

Leaving people better than I found them is my mantra, my mission, and my ministry.

In 2019, in what ways are you becoming better?


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