In an Instant…

In an Instant life changes…

So, the trigger happy weedeater-slinging lawn guy’s assistant has struck again. But this time the effects were annihilation.

In an instant the blows he slug were devastating. He mowed down two rows of plants that took months to grow, Collard Greens and Swiss Chard.

But here’s the silver-lining, the Ram in the bush…One lone Collard Green plant was hidden under the shelter of the Mustards.

So it’s true in our own lives. Devastation happens with warning, in an instant. But God never leaves us without Hope. He shelters us under His mighty wings of comfort and love…

And then, we heal, and from all the broken and shattered places, we plant, we grow, and we bloom again.

New life blooms.

Q: How has God sheltered you under His mighty wings?

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