God is the Master instructor.

He teaches us priceless lessons through



When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, He grants us salvation and forgiveness and an eternal home with Him.


When we search for meaning in life He gives us a purpose to fulfill, and a destiny to reach.


When we don’t understand why such tragedy transpires in our lives, and in the lives of others, we learn lean all the way in and trust God.


When we make mistakes in life we experience the gravity of God’s grace, because it it’s sufficiency and it’s our covering.


When we seek fulfillment through people and the fleeting pleasures of the world, God teaches us that sustainable joy is only found in Him.


When we experience weakness we discover that tour strength is made and sustained through Christ.


When we feel imperfect, God teaches us that we’re made perfect through our Savior, Jesus.


When toxicity of the world consumes us, we discover permanent peace is found through Him.


When we experience disappointment in people, we discover God’s faithfulness.


When we experience trials He transforms our experiences in to our testimonies.


When things are stolen from us we experience His redemptive power of restoration.


When we seek to control our lives, He teaches us the power of Surrender.


When we feel lost, God teaches us that we have been found in Him, Jesus.


When we hold on traumatic life events, He teaches us to extend forgiveness and live in freedom.

Now is your turn to add your experience When…


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