Open Doors…

Suddenly the doors are open.


Process. Preparation. Prayer. Perseverance. Praise.


God’s process is your preparation for the fulfillment of your purpose.


We are in a season of open doors and divine opportunities. Because Now is the Time for the manifestation of every thing that we have been prepared for, and persevered through.


For many people, God’s process has been grueling.


Open doors come to those who have journeyed with God through His process and are ready to receive what’s on the other side, divine opportunities.


Suddenly really isn’t sudden at all…


I believe it just appears this way. We have been prepared for every sudden open door. God doesn’t open doors and give opportunities to those who are not prepared to handle the responsibility on the other side.


You’ve been prepared.


You’ve been praying.


You’re persevered and never gave up.


It was around about midnight when Paul and Silas were praying and praising God. The foundation of the prison was shaken, and at once all of the doors opened and everyone’s chains were unfastened. Acts 16:26

You’ve been made Ready for Open Doors…

Around about midnight has come for you too. Doors are opening before you, now, walk through.

Q: In this new season, what doors has God opened for you?

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