Shifting From Why to What…

31 Days To Live Free

Day 4: Why???

Shifting our Whys to What’s…

Going Beyond the Questions in Life…

Getting to God’s Heart

What is He doing?

This post was originally written and shared earlier this year. It has been updated as I am working on developing it into teaching materials and a book to encourage and empower others.

I am a recovering Whyist (new word): one who is addicted to questioning God.

After spending years and years of questioning God about so many things, why this and why that, God. I lacked understanding. Why would such a loving, kind, and generous Father allow _______________________.

I realized that my whys were focused in the wrong direction. You see, many of my questions were centered around painful events, in my life, in the lives of others, and in the world.

But it was in this place where I felt the nudging from the Holy Spirit that shifted my why to what.

So, instead of churning in my questions, I began to lean in, deeper, to what God was producing. He doesn’t create the horror, the violence, or the traumatic events, but He does allow them to happen to produce something greater, something beautiful.

His ways are higher than oursIsaiah 55:8-9

All things come through His permissive will. When I rest in this truth, I find comfort, especially in the hard places, and where there is no understanding.

When I moved from why to what, my flawed understanding was quelled.

I am developing teaching material to encourage and empower others to shift from Why to What. Here’s a snippet…

Transformation requires truth. That being said, we must be willing to be vulnerable, authentic, and transparent with ourselves, with others, and most importantly with God. So, let’s define what it means to spend too much time in the whys. Your definition may vary from mine, but here’s how I see it…When your questions and need to understand become your primary focus, you’re pining away in the why zone. I am a recovering Whyist (new word): one who is addicted to questioning God. I was the one who mulled over things entirely too much. The one who needed to know almost everything from God. You know that you’re focused on the whys in your life when your questions to God and your burning need to understand, outweighs your praise. When the Word of God isn’t your primary gaze, and when your worry, over the need to understand, overrides your worship.

Let’s Get to God’s Heart?

What is He doing?

Am I speaking your language, if so, I would love to hear your thoughts? 




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