There is the Sound of Abundant of Rain

There is the Sound of Abundant Rain…

God confirms the seasons of our lives through signs and wonders and miracles. And I believe He reaffirms where we are standing, so that our actions and expectations will be aligned with His will, in season. Hebrews 2:4

God is responsible for how and when the rain comes, He is the manifestation.

His promises are resolute…

We are required to be Prepared, and to Persevere.


Are you Ready?


“Go up, eat and drink, for there is the roar of an abundance of rain”. 1 Kings 18:41


It was after the mercury climbed well above one hundred degrees, twenty-one days of sweltering heat, even the heat tolerant tomato vines have been exposed and unearthed. In search of water they came above ground.


The meteorologist described the heat index as oppressive.


This oxbow village that cradles the Bayou Teche felt like a big ole bowl of hot boiling Gumbo.


I petitioned God for clarification, because knew that I had entered the season of the abundant harvest.


I not a subscriber of name it and claim it, but I am a staunch believer of alignment and receive it, according to the will of God, in season.


So I declared and aligned myself with His truth, despite the temporary external circumstances, the drought.


Now. Time. Manifestation. That was truth that I held on to, and the picture that my faith painted.


Notice the present tense that the Prophet Elijah used, “There is the sound of the roar of an abundance of rain”. Alignment and received, it’s happening NOW.


Are you Ready?



    1. Indeed, it is. The entire 18th chapter is replete with revelation and rich wisdom , as is all scripture. I am in awestruck of how scripture continuously reveals such truths in every season of live. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts in my corner of the world.


  1. Great encouragement when we’re waiting for that release of a raining season of abundance. Love your descriptions of the sweltering heat, too! Sarah, FMF Neighber #80

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