From The Garden: Unearthed & Exposed

For approximately twenty days, here in heart of Bayou country, we experienced sweltering temperatures that pushed the mercury between 105 – 112 degrees. Heat warnings were posted, “go outside only when necessary”. In all my years of living in south Florida, I thought that I had experienced the gamut of inclement weather. Not quite.


The weatherman described the heat index as oppressive. Yes, oppressive. Southwest Louisiana felt like a big pot of hot boiling gumbo with the lid on tight. Needless to say, the gripes of people were heard everywhere, in the grocery store line and at the gas pump. Everyone came to a swift resolve, enough with this heat. Even the plants and vegetables that appreciate and thrive in the fullness of the sun were forced to retract their leaves. Thick stems and stalks and branches were bent way down. They grazed the earth in search of a reprieve, and in a desperate pilgrimage for water.


Even with the wave of continuous heat, I was very surprised to see the roots of my tomato plants, which were once deeply grounded, had been unearthed and exposed. They were thirsty, nearing death. So it’s true for us as well. Even when we’re securely planted and deeply rooted in Christ, there are trials that will leave our hearts unearthed and souls exposed. Raw. Unhinged by life’s events. During these times, especially when life doesn’t make sense, and when we lack understanding of why such a loving God, through His permissive has allowed ________________ to happen… We must cling to him. Trusting him.


We have limited sight, and very limited understanding.

Yet, He sees the end from the beginning. He sees the whole picture, from His high place.


I believe that God does not intend for our trials to take us out, but to draw us nearer. I believe that He’s calling us to lean, all the way in, trusting and knowing that He is good, kind, loving, and faithful.

Pain produces purpose, when we persevere.

Trials become our Testimony when we keep on trucking.


So, just like the tomato plants we have to bend our hearts into His, steep in His Word, and surrender to the process.

Because, not just some things, but all things will work together for our good, and for His greater glory…

Questions: Consider shifting your focus from God, why did you allow ____________ to happen, to God to What are you producing in _________________…

What trials, painful circumstances, or worldly events are you questioning God about? What areas are seeking knowledge? Do you feel challenged in your ability to trust God, if so, why? 


  1. Very revealing and thoughtful blog- this is the season of leaning in -trusting more – surrendering more. I am, not on my own strength but in His, because, I am weak and He is strong and cannot fail- will not fail – thank you for this encouraging post may it bless the multitudes who read it.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing words of enlightenment and encouragement. Surrendering to the process requires TRUST in the One who orchestrates our steps, and determines our outcome.


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