Two letters. Such a small word, that conveys so much.

• If …looks forward to the future, with hope.
If demonstrates power, and it commands obedience.
“And whatever you ask for, if you believe, you will receive”. Matthew 21:22

• If… lives regretfully in the past.
When we choose to allow if to dwell in the past, we live shackled with shame and condemnation. We bestow heavyhearted regret, with always leads to an unfavorable outcome.
“If I did not do what I did, then I would not be where I am, now”.

• If…leaves void, in the absence of gratitude.
If is also possessive and conditional and justifiably blind.
“If I only had _____________, then I would be happy and live fulfilled”.

Let’s focus on when if leaves a vacant hole in our hearts, void of gratefulness.

I believe that whatever we need, whatever we’re missing, seeking, and desiring in life, God is calling us to give __________, and be ________________ in someone’s life. So if it’s love that want or need, give love to others. If you’re in need of a friend, be a friend to someone else. If you’re in need of a financial miracle, sow a seed like the widow woman, and watch God open up the windows of heaven. If you’re in need of healing, pray and speak words of healing over those whom are sick.

I believe one of the greatest gifts is to give in the midst of our need.

I believe that God is calling us all, to be the change in the life of someone else, which we want to experience in our own.

I believe that what we make happen for someone else, God makes it happen for us.

I’ve experienced every aspect, and the gravity, of the word IF…

So…How does if show up and resonate in your life?

Come join us FMF: IF…


  1. My mouth is wide open of the power and profoundness of what you have blogged to
    day. How many times I have used the If to make a decisions good and bad and to punish myself for not doing better. I am in such agreement with what you have written. Thank you Joan for saying yes to God – you are a blessing to me

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