Plant. Nurture. Bloom…

We plant and Jehovah grows.

About a month ago, 31 days to be exact, I began cultivating my garden. In the past I believed that gardening was not my thing, it was for those green thumbed folks.

I knew that for many people the process of planting and nurturing and growing was therapeutic. I just didn’t understand why, but now I do. Gardening has been my solace, my joy, and an immeasurable demonstration of hope in my life. I see the hand of God in each step of this journey.

I plant seeds in the dark earth, and from that planting and nurturing, new life blooms.

I water. I provide the necessary nutrients. The sun does its thing.

I till and pluck up weeds, removing everything that seeks to overtake and choke out life.

And the growth happens, in time, blooming in the right season…

I see the parallel in my own life.

I am planted like a tree, my branches graze the earth, they’re heavily weighted with fruit to share and leave an indelible imprint in the world.

It has been ten years in the making of my calling and the unveiling of my purpose. My roots run deep. My constant source of water is the Holy Spirit.

The Son of God is my nourishment.

Through trials and suffering, and throughout the journey God has grown my character, in the likeness of Christ.

Are you gardener of plants, people, and things?

What’s growing in your life?

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