Return. Receive. Renewed.

Five Minute Friday: Return

Return to the place where it all began, the place of your suffering, the place of your troubles. This is what God instructed Hagar to do. And this is what He instructed me to do too.

Why would a loving Father call anyone to Return to painful places?

For Hagar it was the place of her persecution and shame. For me it was my birthplace, the place where judgment, shame and ridicule, and condemnation began.

God calls you Return to your beginnings to permanently close the doors to your suffering.

Sealed. Shut. Won and Done.

Return. Receive. Renewed.

God steps in to the origin of your place of chaos and confusion. This is the where He rewrites your story for His greater glory.

Just like Jesus did, from the cross to the crown, the conduit became the cornerstone of all mankind…And so it’s true for you too.

Your victories are won in the trenches.

God creates new things in old places and familiar spaces.

The place of your greatest pain births your greatest purpose.

It was there at the living well where Hagar named God the One who sees me, with compassion and understanding.

The same God who saw Hagar’s pain and agony, has seen my suffering, and has seen yours too.

Return and Receive your Victory.

Return and Receive your Inheritance.

Return and be Renewed.

Genesis 16: 7-15

Where is God calling you to Return to today?


    1. Indeed, I believe it’s our human nature to search for ease, instead of choosing to be made new through the birthing process of pain. Easy street doesn’t change our hearts. It’s only through the journey of trials that we are transformed into the likeness of Christ. Thanks for stopping by, Brooke


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