The Power of LOVE

The Power of LOVE…


The Royal Wedding was such a beautiful example of the power of love.


Love transforms lives, and there is no greater gift.


Love: bridges what was once divided across oceans and cultures, it mends the fences where unforgiveness dwelled, it heals hearts when hurt and pain has wreaked havoc, it opens doors that were once sealed shut, for hundreds of years.


I remember…I believe it was last year, when I began to look deeper, beyond all the questions I asked God, everything I didn’t understand.


Love, God’s unconditional love, and all its glory and power stepped in and changed me.


My perspective began to shift from the whys, the multiplicity of unanswered questions, to what’s God producing….From Why to What


Acceptance overrides the need to understand because of the power of unconditional LOVE.


We’re not called to understand everything. We’re commanded to LOVE everyone.


And this is Jesus gave us the greatest commandment and the greatest mission: LOVE


Matthew 22:36-40


How do you feel, and what do you believe about the transformative POWER of LOVE?

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