Going Through…

No matter what season you’re in, know this truth…


You’re going through to the other side. The wilderness is a destination, not your destiny.


It’s not a permanent place to dwell. It’s not your home.


It’s a pit stop, a place of preparation for your elevation. It’s a place to learn, to grow, and to thrive. It’s your place to develop your vast well of water. God reminds us that He makes a way in, and a way out. He makes streams in the desert and pools in the wilderness.


It’s not the place to put your stake in the ground, build your home, and establish a community. It’s temporary.


The Israelites pilgrimage is replete with lessons. What should have been an 11-day journey took 40 years. It wasn’t a matter of faith; it was an issue of trust.


They were unable to trust God to take them into an unfamiliar territory, into the place where all things are new.


Their mindset never changed to adapt to the new terrain. They were unable to override their slave mentality with God’s truth. All they envisioned was 400 years a slave.


There is a strategy that works in the wilderness, protocol in the Promised Land.


Takeaway: Your strategic skills become your sustainability. Practically apply what you’ve learned, but do it differently. Because there is a protocol in the Promised Land.


If you’re waiting to develop the mindset for the season you’re entering, the place of elevation, it will never come.


Your mindset must change before the manifestation and the elevation.


Ditch the wilderness ways, the slave mentality, and the mindset of surviving. Pick up your Promised Land protocol you’re thriving.


Trust is your foundation. Faith is your elevation. Your faith needs an anchor, and the anchor is trust.


Pack your bags, Dig up your stake, Put out your for sale sign, you’re going through into your Promised Land.



  1. It’s for sale. My mindset must change before the manifestation and the elevation.
    My worries, all what I’m NOT understanding, my grief, my pain it’s all for sale. All of it because I believe I am not suppose to stay STUCK in the valley, I’m suppose to RISE above it all because of WHO I am and WHOSE I am, gives my the Bill of Sale.
    Changing my mind

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    1. Well said, my friend. Indeed, we’re having a garage sale, not an estate sale. Everything that’s unproductive, not purpose producing, and promised land driven, is up for SALE!


    1. Indeed, I believe it is that Promised Land mindset, Karrilee…So, how are enjoying the milk and honey? Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. Blessings


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