The Test of Time

Time is a test in the midst of God’s Timelessness.

It seems to me that God is not early, nor is He late. He is right on time. I believe that He operates in the fullness Time.

But what about us, impatient human beings?

One of the greatest trials that I have faced has been my acceptance of God’s timing, not so much the how He do what He has promised, but when.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the Test of Time (ten years that I persevered with God in the manifestation of my calling and purpose)…

Everything matters greatly to God.

The manifestation of His calling and purpose for our lives is not a destination to arrive at, it’s a journey to experience, in a awestruck wonder.

There is an art to waiting well, Time is the Test, and patience is an attribute of FAITH.

There are no delays, detours, or the derailment of God’s plan for our lives. He’s in complete control, no matter what life looks like in the natural.

At one point, I felt so tired of waiting, patience was every thing but virtuous. I felt as though my last nerve had been worked on with a vengeance, like a root canal without anesthesia.

But I learned that God doesn’t work on our nerves. He works through our impatience to develop our character, in the likeness of Christ.

Patience is not being tested, character is being built. From the ground up, from the inside out, brick by brick.

Patience is an attribute. It’s an extension of our faith.

Here’s what moving from WHY to WHAT has taught me: Instead of focusing on Why is TIME, your timing such an issue for me…I began to ask WHAT do desire to produce in and through me. It was at this point where How and When no longer mattered.

I began to flow in the rhythms of Grace, His timelessness.

God is never later, never early, but right on TIME.

Time produces spiritual discipline.

What is TIME teaching you?




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