No One OTHER Than You…

FMF Prompt OTHER: There is No one Other ThanYou…

We write for five minutes flat, without editing. We write to connect not perfect.


Other doesn’t alienate, it includes. It does not differentiate. It unites us as one.


Your calling from God is as unique as your DNA, as individual as your fingerprint.


There is No One Other Than you…


God’s call and the fulfillment of His purpose for your life requires saying YES, countless times throughout your journey.


From Genesis to Revelation, From Abraham to Moses, from Jesus to King David, you too have been carefully crafted and uniquely gifted to complete your mission, because there is no one other than you.


Your Surrender is Your Sacrifice.


There is only one Jesus Christ and there is only one you.


Your yes means you’re the OTHER, because Jesus torn down the wall of separation, He became conduit, He is the cornerstone of our salvation.


Other is does not mean exclusion. It’s the guarantee of our inclusion.


It’s our union, not our difference. We’re one body, because of the One who shed His blood.


There is No One OTHER than you…


Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8


Q: Will you say yes? Will you journey into the unknown, will you go where God leads?


  1. “Other is does not mean exclusion. It’s the guarantee of our inclusion.”

    I need this today. I just did a day in a bible plan I’m going through on rest. It talked about calling too. How you have to be careful with your yes. Because if you can miss your calling by stepping into other into things that weren’t meant for or trying to help everyone else. Sometimes, or actually a lot, I’ve struggled so much in saying yes to please to please the other person, I can forget what makes me come alive. I’d rather be included in the right things than an overflow of things that drain my soul.

    thank you for sharing this, Joan. visiting from fmf. 🙂

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    1. I give a lot of myself to others in my ministry, and in life in general. However, I am learning that self care is self preservation. It’s an essential element of my wellness, not accoutrement. I am also learning to say no and create healthy boundaries. I say no to things that are not essential, a part of my positive gain. I just finished reading Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. I recommend it highly. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your heart, Julia!


  2. So many times, because I am such a nice person, and is always willing to extended the helping hand, people say “There is no one better than you girl” I never get that twisted because there is someone better than me and I thank god for it everyday. Oh happy day! I will go wherever god leads me. Sometime I want to go left because I “THINK” the route is shorter when the father told me to go RIGHT! As long as I keep in mind that only God knows our after while and our tomorrow I go where he leads me and I WON’T waste valuable TIME trying to take a short cut.

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    1. Such truth, Denise. The shorter route will almost always never leads us to our greatest victories. The long route is a working out of character. And this journey requires us to surrender to our own will, and pick up His. This route requires TRUST, PERSEVERANCE, and FAITH. This passage is a pilgrimage of beauty where we experience the goodness of God in the most difficult places.

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