Help me choose my new Tagline

So…I am working on a new Tagline, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

The focus of my calling and purpose is Wellness: Mind, Body, and Soul…

I Encourage, Empower, and Lead people through the process of Deliverance from everything that hinders the ability to live the abundant. Additionally, I help people to Discover and Live Out their God-Given purpose.

Please Choose One of the Following:

  1. Lead people to Live Full, Live Well, and Live Free.
  2. Encourage and Empower people to Live Full, Live Well, and Live Free.

Thank you so very much!


  1. Your tag line should be:
    “Don’t let your EYES overrule your awwss”
    “Don’t Let your “I’s” overrule your awwss”
    Okay OKAY okaayy….. LOL

    Work hard in silence and let your success make all the noise.

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