FMF: Regret-Less

We write for five minutes, flat, without editing. We write to release parts of our hearts, it’s more about community than perfection.

Although, I typically join my FMF sisters on Friday, I am writing on Saturday.

Living Regret-Less

I am unsure how long I’ve been living Regret-Less, but it has been a very long time. It happened when I stopping looking backwards to the past.

I ditched Regret when I picked God’s Redemptive Grace. 

I realized that every mistake, the impulsive choices I made, and every detour, was all part of God’s grand and glorious plan, His tapestry of my purpose here on earth. This BEAUTY unfolds when our free will collides with His permissive will. Because what He allows to transpires in our lives, He will utilize, for our good and for His glory. When we let go of what was, regret, and we pick up what is, His everlasting love. What the enemy, Satan meant to create harm, God turns it all around for our good.

This is called PURPOSE.

Jesus takes the soot of our lives and creates priceless diamonds. 

Regret seeks to undermine Redemption, the Redemptive Love of Jesus. Regret is a choice that we make. Let go of the past and embrace the One who paid the price for all our wrongs: past, present, and future.

Living with regret imprisons our souls, it dwells in the past instead of walking in freedom, flowing in the rhythms of grace and glory.

Do you live with Regret or Regret-Less?

Regret is a choice, what are you willing to let go of so that you can walk in freedom, flowing in the freedom of Grace?


  1. I love that our pasts do not remove God’s purpose. He uses everything. I cannot say that I live regret-less but I definitely have chosen not to camp out on the failings of the past.

    Thanks for your insights!
    Visiting from FMF #60

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  2. Wow! Does this post pack a punch! I love it! “Living with regret imprisons our soul”. I can so relate to that and yet never thought of it in that way! I have a way to go to be regretless but I am encouraged by your words and the knowledge that walking with Christ will lead me there! Thanks, Joan! Cindy Wilkins from the #fmf Facebook page

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    1. I believe redemption is bold and beautiful, because Jesus’ death on the cross was all that, and even more. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a word of encouragement, Lauren.


  3. Oh through this smile I produce at this desk, behind it is full of heart ache and some pain. Understand me when I say my sister left me two weeks and a whisper ago and she is up there having a party with our parents and I am NOT invited.
    Oh I’m a bit upset about it. Pissed off to be blunt.

    Now i know better,, my faith teaches me to be obedient, knowing that what god do with his children is his business, knowing full and well his word is final and forever more, being true to myself I would give anybody a piece of my mine if they try and tell what to do with my OWN kid so it would behoove me to STAY IN MY LANE with the lord.
    Oh I miss her dearly, my heart hurt because I want what I can’t have. It’s over. O V E R! DONE!

    Okay okay okay, I surrender. She was yours first father, 44 years I had the priviledge of talking with her, loving her, smiling, cooking, cleaning, shopping, crying, and traveling with her, so I like the saying go: “Death in Hard but it’s fair” indeed it is.

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    1. Very well said. Your writing is beautiful, straight from the marrow of your bones it cries, deep from the risen of your heart it rises. I am ticked pink to see that you stopped by my corner of the world, friend.


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