FMF: Beauty is Metamorphic

Welcome to Five Minute Fridays. We write for five minutes, flat, without editing. We write to connect not to perfect.

Look and you will discover Beauty, everywhere, and in all things.

I believe that Beauty is a perspective and a mindset.

The world’s version of Beauty is conditional, it’s fleeting.  It lacks substance.

Therefore, it is  unsustainable.

But, when we look for God’s Beauty we will see it. It’s there, everywhere, in nature, within people.

Beauty is the external reflection of our internal truth.

Metamorphic Beauty is everlasting because it has journeyed through the fiery heat of trials, and life’s hardships.

Lasting Beauty weathers the storms.

Beauty becomes sustainable when we can see it in the hardest of places.

Searching through the pain and difficulty and discovering beauty means we have chosen to live intentionally, above and beyond the confines of comfort.

This plant is a gentle reminder of this beautiful truth. It’s beauty is incased within the thorns. Yet, the one whose image is camouflaged and concealed, the butterfly’s life is transformed.

Beauty is only seen to the natural eye after its metaphoric transformation.

Q: How would you define Beauty?

Q: Can you spot the butterfly?



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